Chicken and pork can be purchased year-round at our farm. Availability of cuts may be limited, but contact us to ask what we have in stock.
2018 Pork Prices

Sausage (Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Breakfast, Kielbasa, Bratwurst), $5.75/lb

Bacon, smoked, $8.50/lb

Pork chops, $5.50/lb

Tenderloin, $7.50/lb

Loin roast, $5.25/lb

Boston Butt roast, $5.25/lb

Shoulder roast, $5.25/lb

Spare ribs, $5.50/lb

Ham, smoked, $6.80/lb

Hocks, $5.25/lb

Hocks, smoked, $6.80/lb

Leaf Lard, $1/lb

2018 Chicken Prices

Whole birds (3.5+ lb each), $4/lb

Boneless, skinless chicken breast, $8/lb

Sale! Leg quarters, $3.75/lb

Sale! Buffalo-style wings, $3.25/lb