We love working directly with chefs, food hub purchasers, grocery stores, and all wholesale distributors to grow high quality, speciality produce. Our main focus on the farm is wholesale produce, with some wholesale chicken and pork as well as retail sales through our farm store.

Please contact us for availability and pricing. We crop plan with wholesale customers in the winter to provide the quantity and varieties they need through the season. 

Product Potential Availability Varieties
Garlic July (fresh), August- February Chesnok Red, Music
Onions, fresh Late July- early October Ailsa Craig, Walla Walla, Redwing, Patterson
Onions, storage September-January Redwing, Patterson
Scallions July- October Nabachen
Leeks September- November Tadorna
Rainbow carrot July-January Nectar, Purplesnak, Rainbow
Orange carrot July-January Nectar, Bolero
Early baby carrot June Adelaide
Parsnip Late October- February Albion, White Spear
Beets, mixed and cylindra July (baby), August- February Moneta, Touchstone Gold, Chioggia, Cylindra
Swish Chard September- November Bright Lights
Baby bok choi May & June, November & December Shiro
Arugula May & June, November & December Arugula, Esmee
Spicy Asian mustard mix May & June, November & December Johnnys Stir Fry Mix
Kohlrabi End of May, June Kohlrabi
Lettuce mix May- October Salanova
Head lettuce June- October
Diakon radish October- February KN-Bravo (purple), Alpine, Sweet Baby
Spring Radish April, May French Breakfast, D’Avignon, White Iclicle
Fennel July-December Preludio, Orion, Finale
Napa cabbage October- December Bilko
Cabbage September-January Passat (green), Ruby Perfection (red)
Butternut Late October- December Waldo
Red Kuri October- November Red Kuri
Kabocha, grey November- January Winter Sweet
Kabocha, red October- November Sunshine, Sweet Mama
Blue Hubbard November- February Blue Ballet
Delicata October- November Delicata, Honeyboat
Buttercup November- January Bonbon
Sugar Dumpling November- January Sugar Dumpling
Black Futso November- January Black Futso
Spagetti squash October- November Pinnacle
Kabocha/butternut November- January Tetsukabuto
Radicchio October- December Castelfranco, Palla Rossa, Fiero, Leonardo, Indigo
Basil, Thai and Italian August- September Genovese, Sweet Thai, Cardinal
Cilantro June- September Santo
Parsley August- November Giant Italian
Kale October- December Dazzling Blue, White Russian, Toscano, Winterbor
Egyptian Walking Onion Spring
Horseradish Fall
Tomato, large cherry August- October Artisan tomato collection
Tomato, Heirloom August- October Pink Berkley Tie Dye, Cherokee Green, Cherokee Purple, Nepal, German Johnson, Indigo Apple
Eggplant, Asian August- October Orient Express
Potato, gourmet variety September-January All Red, Adirondack blue, German Butterball
Potato, fingerling September-January Rose Finn, Russian Banana, French fingerling
Fava beans July-August