Please contact us to set up an appointment to visit the farm. We raise pigs year-round, so if we don’t have something now, we will again soon.

All of our pork is vacuum-sealed and processed at a USDA inspected facility that does not use nitrates in the smoking process. 

5% discount for orders over $100 and 10% discount for orders over $200.

Sausage (Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Breakfast, Kielbasa, Chorizo, Bratwurst, plain ground), $5.75/lb 

Bacon or jowls, smoked, $8.60/lb

Pork chops, $5.75/lb

Tenderloin, $7.50/lb

Roast (loin, Boston Butt, or shoulder) $5.50/lb

Spare, baby back, or country ribs, $5.75/lb

Ham, smoked, $6.80/lb

Hocks, smoked, $6.80/lb

Fat (to be rendered into lard), $1/lb

Bones, $2/lb

Organs (tongue, kidney, liver, heart), $3.50/lb