Animal Husbandry


Our pigs are purchased as heritage breed piglets or feeder pigs off farm and raised to eight or nine months of age. They always have access to high quality grains from a local mill that sources NY grain as much as possible. This ensures a consistent and ideal product that is neither too lean, nor too fatty. The feed includes a blend of minerals and small grains that provides balance to their diet.  Pigs are incredibly smart creatures, with an intelligence rivaling that of dogs. With this in mind we raise our hogs in woodlots or on pasture where they forage, root, wallow and play. Their paddocks are rotated several times a season, keeping their forage fresh and living space clean with access to a barn with bedding. We find that hogs raised with ample room have a far superior texture than those confined. In addition, the ability to forage gives the meat unique subtleties in flavor not found in other pork. Retail Price List


Our broiler chickens arrive as one-day-old peeps and are kept in our heated brooder for the first 3 to 4 weeks. In the brooder they are provided with a supply of high quality feed from a local mill, which purchases NY grown grains whenever possible. Fresh, clean, cool water is of the utmost importance when it comes to chickens and therefore a priority on our farm. After the chickens have developed enough to comfortably withstand our cool nights they are moved into bottomless, movable pens. These pens are moved twice a day, everyday, providing the birds with fresh forage, the ability to sun and dust bath and just be chickens! In addition, by keeping fresh ground under the birds, we avoid giving them antibiotics of any kind.  In addition to animal welfare benefits, we are firm believers that broilers raised on pasture have far superior flavor and texture. Retail Price List