Integrated Farming

Our produce was certified organic through NOFA-NY in May 2018, as soon as our land was eligible. 

We believe that the way to operating a successful farm is by looking forward. When implementing growing practices we are constantly asking the question, “what impact will this have down the road?” The best way we know to ensure the productivity of our land, with this question in mind, is to mimic the natural systems that surround us. This involves growing a diversity of crops, rotating crop families, cover cropping and establishing riparian buffers and hedgerows.

Beyond these practices, we also believe in integrating crop production with raising livestock. Individual crops are rotated every season and every five years or so, land in crop production will be seeded back into pasture for livestock. In doing so, the nutrients in the soil are replenished and pest pressure diminished. These extra steps of rotation help us manage pests, fungus and disease in hopes of avoiding the arms race seen in so much of our agriculture.